Monday, March 5, 2012

$ome0ne Speci@l (1)

“” When I cry I see you in my Tears But I clean my tears Therefore no one can see you.””


Aur yi haqiqat hai k Aap jis si be pyar karte hai ya to Aap kabhi usko bata nai paty. Ager bata be do tu ho sakta hai wo yaqeen na kare Kio k Mash-ra ho he aysa gya hai TRUST build karna Bhut Mushkil hai. Lakin Yi be haqiqat hai k Koi kisi k Bina mar nai jata aur yi khena Qabal-az-waqt hota hai (its Just My opinion). But Hum jis ko Pana Chahty hai usko khete hai k “ I love you”. Ok mien accept kar lo ga k Yi waqi he apse Pyar karta hai, Ager wo Again kahe k “ I Love You” tu Mujhe Shak hu jy ga k Kuch na Kuch aur be bat hai. Ager wo 3rd time be kheta hai k “ I love You” tu mujhe Trust hu jy ga k yi es si pyar he nai karta. because,

I Sure Miss You A Lot“”  LOVE is Not Based On Romance, Candle Light Dinner & Walks along D beach In fact It is based on Respect, Compromise Care and Trust “”

“”I miss you, I am alone and in pain without you so come and kiss tha pain away “”

Khena Bhut Asaan hai But Nib-hana Bhut Hard hai....!!!

“” I did three Things today; Miss You, Miss you and MISS you. “”
Uffff No comment about this, Because Jo face karta hai wo he janta hai k this is What?? Khete hai na K Murde he jane Qabar ka hall, Paysa he jane water ki Impotance, Unhealthy people he jane health ki importance.
Missing You

One word is “” Miss You Forever “”……………..!!!!!!!!! 

My heart Never knew Loneliness until You went away “I am missing you”………!!!

Shaheryar is my Friend he loved someone but …….wo he janta hai haqiqat kia hai aur wo kesa FEEL karta hai… yi be true hai k koi Mar nai jata kisi k Bina …I am sorry shaheryar mien mazaq karta Rehta ho….!!! Because

I Miss You

“” Never Thought…. It would so hard staying away from you (shaheryar I know your feelings my sweet friend), shaheryar keep thinking of “his or her “together again “” Shaheryar said to someone:: I MISS YOU daily My heart “” ( kash k wo kabhi Yi Jaan pay..))

My prayer along with shaheryar and all my sweet lover friend who loved someone but can’t express in his or her Life. I know they always thinking for their lover
“”You are the sun in my day, the wind in my sky, the waves in my ocean &the beat in my heart... I miss you “”

I Miss You More

I know my Friends shaheryar feelings, wo Din mien ye he Sochta hoga k kash yi 2.5 years ka time period dobara a  jy us person jo k bhut special hai aur yi true hai k
“”A thousand Words Could Not Bring You back I know because I Tried
    A thousand Words Could Not Bring You back I know because I Cried
    However long my Life might last
    Whatever land I view
    Whatever JOY or Grief is mine
                                I still remember you
I miss u…!!! “”

No comment 4 Shaheryar………………………………..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,!!!!!!

I am killing myself for letting you go, there is one pain I often feel, which you will never know, is caused by the absence of you.

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